A Bespoke Service

Below we have highlighted key services we can provide in

public relations and sales & marketing.

Public Relations
  • Strategic media relations planning and day-to-day liaison with key journalists (lifestyle, travel, fashion, gastronomy, trade, etc)
  • Securing high-quality features in print, online, TV and radio media
  • Performing press office functions (providing information and high resolution images, organising fashion and celebrity shootings, etc)
  • Drafting, copywriting and translating press releases, media kits, website contents, collateral, etc
  • Distributing newsletters across traditional and digital communication channels
  • Organising individual media visits and group press trips
  • Organising and managing media functions in Russia and CIS countries
  • Negotiating “one off” third-party promotional opportunities (charity events, awards, etc)
  • Building relationships with relevant airlines, tourism boards and synergic companies
  • Preparing and implementing bespoke events
  • Media monitoring and comprehensive coverage follow-up
  • Results measurement reporting system
Sales & Marketing
  • Developing tailor-made marketing campaigns
  • Creating and implementing strategic sales plans
  • Organising and managing sales calls in Russia and CIS countries
  • Assistance with contract negotiations and rate setting
  • Carrying out market research, competitor and customer perception analyses
  • Maintaining daily contact and carrying out proactive promotions to key tour operators, agents, etc.
  • Initiating and promoting sales and marketing campaigns online
  • Building and fostering long-term relationships with potential customers
  • Organising familiarisation trips
  • Direct face-to-face marketing via MICE
  • Celebrity/opinion maker endorsement
  • Consultancy on all sales and marketing aspects
  • Regular sales reports and liaison with our clients
Social Media

Social media have had an enormous influence on the travel industry and now play a crucial role in the consumers travel experience. According to Forbes US, "what matters most when planning a trip is not WHERE you're going, but rather WHO you know that has already travelled to that destination". The most trusted information sources prevailing over all others are word-of mouth and recommendations from friends and family - social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc) provide the perfect communication platform for sharing personal experiences. The statistics speak for themselves.

  • Of those who used social media to research travel plans, only 48% stuck with their original plans, while 33% changed the hotel, 10% changed resorts, 7% changed destination and 5% changed airlines.
  • 76 % post vacation photos to a
    social network.
  • 52 % of Facebook users said their friends' photos inspired their holiday choice and travel plans.
  • As of 2012, 17 bln location-tagged posts and check-ins were logged on Facebook 59 % of brands have presence on Instagram and more than 1 mln websites have integrated with Facebook in various ways
  • 8500 photos are liked on Instagram
    per second
  • In 2012 Instagram had 432000 more daily users than Twitter.
  • A whopping 77 % of B2C companies and 42 % of B2B companies acquired customers from Facebook