Индивидуальный подход

Our principles


For each of our clients, we are developing a detailed program of promotion in the Russian market, based on his personal preferences, expectations and requirements.

We rely on a combination of instruments classical marketing, sales representative, PR support and promotion of social networks. Our main advantages — a sincere love for his work and excellent understanding of the specifics of the market, with which we work. Russia and CIS countries offer excellent prospects to increase sales for luxury hotels, ultra-modern spa and trendy restaurants, but really tangible results can only be achieved with careful thought over an integrated approach.

Creativity, integrity and efficiency — these are the main criteria of our work. We are trusted by leading brands in the world of hospitality and gastronomy, and we are glad to justify their expectations, increasing the return on investment, awareness among the target audience of the product and, consequently, its profitability. Great achievements are not made overnight, they are the result of hard dedicated work on both sides, but we can guarantee that together with Collection PR path to success will be especially enjoyable for you, and you will reach the goal in time.

Our markets


Collection PR offers a wide range of services in the hospitality of the highest class in Russia and the CIS, including PR, marketing and sales office, as well as the promotion of social networking platforms.


Respecting the tradition and trying not to lose sight of the latest trends in the industry, we are creating the best for each case the balance between the traditional methods of work, time-tested and high-tech development of a new era. As a result, awareness of your brand in Russia and the CIS countries is steadily increasing, and with it grow and sell. We do not use templates, preferring individual approach to each request. Working on the project, we "write" a particular story based on the unique qualities of each product, spread it across all available lines of good old print media to online resources and gaining popularity of digital media of the latest generation. Our mission - to help you create a story and convey the right information to the right audience. Every new product, whether it's an excellent hotel, a gourmet restaurant and luxurious spa center completes our collection of its unique history, and we, in turn, continue to tell her, happy to introducing new and unexpected plot twists.